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Facebookers: Thanksgiving is not the new Black Friday

With a shortened shopping season, many big-box retailers are staying open on the holiday. Because of this,Red Bottoms thousands of shoppers have taken to the social network pledging to boycott.

Facebook badge protesting stores staying open on Thanksgiving.

(Credit: Screenshot by Dara Kerr/CNET)

Rather than being strictly about spending time with family and gorging on turkey,Isabel Marant Shoes mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie, Thanksgiving has turned into a major deals day in the shopping world this year.

But, some people don't like it.

Thousands of Facebook users have taken to the social network to display their disgust and threaten to boycott stores staying open on what is now being deemed "Black Thursday."

badge has made its way around Facebook, which says "Because I believe in family...I pledge to not shop on Thanksgiving. If I'm shopping, someone else is working and not spending time with their family. Everyone deserves a holiday."

As of this writing, this badge has been shared nearly 950,000 times and liked by almost 50,000 people.

Among the retailers being threatened with boycott are Kmart,Isabel Marant Online Shop Toys "R" Us, and Walmart. All of these big-box retailers have promised major deals and to be open on Thanksgiving. Other stores planning to be open for part of the holiday are Best Buy, Macy's, Kohl's, J.C. Penny, Target, and Sears.

"I have worked retail for over 20 years and it is disgusting that chains like Macy and JcPenney are going to be open on Thanksgiving," Facebook user Christine Leuchner wrote in the badge's comment section. "There are jobs that are important to public safety and service and we need them to work! No one NEEDS to shop for clothes or gifts on a holiday! Greed has over come us and family values should be important!"

To be fair, a lot of other people in the comments section are calling the campaign silly and saying that all sorts of people have to work on major holidays.Isabel Marant Shoes There is also the sentiment that people should value their family on all days of the year.


"Here's an even better idea," wrote Rich Haering. "Spend time with your family whenever you can so that a holiday is just another day. Don't wait until the holidays to tell your family you love them."

Black Friday is typically known as the biggest shopping day of the year, but this year much of the market is switching to Thanksgiving. The reason for this is because the holiday shopping season is six days shorter this year.Jordans For Sale This means retailers have that many less days to sell their products. According to Adobe Digital Index, it's expected that Thanksgiving online shopping willshoot up 21 percent over last year.

Adobe predicts that once this precedent is set,Nike Soccer Cleats the same will happen in years to come. Principal analyst for Adobe Digital Index Tamara Gaffney told CNET in a recent interview, "Thanksgiving could take over Black Friday in five years."

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appy Hanukkah! -- Chanukah 2013 Events in NYC

Happy almost Hanukkah! It begins at sundown tonight (though from where I'm writing this I haven't seen the sun at all today anyway) and as always,Red Bottom Shoes for men there are some musical events in NYC that you can attend to celebrate.

As discussed, Matisyahu is doing his annual "Festival of Light" shows, including one in NYC on December 8 at Webster Hall. Since we last spoke, Jewish rapper Kosha Dillzwas added to some of those shows,Soccer Cleats including the one at Webster Hall. Tickets for that show are still available.

Matisyahu also recently released a Hanukkah app for children, which you can get at theiTunes store. He also appears in the new video for "World on Fire" by LA-via-Israel bandMoshav. The video "shows that the greatest of gifts requires very little money.Isabel Marant Online The camera follows a $20 bill as it passes through the hands of children and adults that have different hopes and hardships." You can watch it below.

Moshav are also one of the artists in NYC for the previously discussed annualSephardic Music Festival, which goes down across multiple NYC venues from tonight (11/27) through December 5.Jordan 11 They play Saturday (11/30) at 401 9th St in Park Slope (tickets). You can check out the full Sephardic Music Fest lineup here.

There's no Yo La Tengo shows during Hanukkah this year, but they are playing four holiday shows at The Bell House in December, which are all sold out.

Like they've done in past years, Klezmer punk band Golem will play a NYC show during Hanukkah.Isabel Marant Shoes This year they play Glasslands on December 3 with The Unemployed Fortune Tellers and Minnie TonkaTickets for that show are on sale now.

Tonight (11/27) at City Winery, there's a Chanukah Festival with Soulfarm and Avram Pengas. Tickets for that are on sale now. City Winery also hosts a Klezmer Brunch on 12/16.

Other previously discussed Hanukkah events include the Menorah Horah at Le Poisson Rouge on 12/5 (tix), and the annual Maccabeats show at BB King's on Christmas (tix).

Or, instead of music,Isabel Marant Sneakers you can use your day off to check out the Judaica exhibit at The Met.

There's other non-religious events going on for Thanksgivukkah Weekend too.

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Crimes against Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving used to be all about the turkey. And the football. And the Macy's parade. Shopping was for the day after - or the weekend.

The recent trend, however,Red Bottoms For Men is for an earlier and earlier start to the Christmas shopping season, and now some stores (such as Walmart) are planning to open for holiday sales on Thanksgiving night - or even Thanksgiving morning.

Well, in the words of The Dude, this aggression will not stand, man.

US News & World Report writer Susan Milligan has a piece today calling for a boycott of retail stores that open on Thanksgiving.Isabel Marant Boots Her reasoning isn't so shoppers can spend more time with their families, it's so the people who work at the stores can spend more time with theirs.

She writes:

There's almost no point in the workers complaining, since labor has lost such tremendous power in the last decade or two (and retail workers aren't likely to be unionized anyway). It's pretty clear these retailers have no concern for their employees. The only way to stop the madness is to kill it off from the other end,Isabel Marant Sneakers and boycott any kind of shopping on Thanksgiving Day (exceptions made for running to the convenience store for an overpriced container of nutmeg, since allspice cannot be substituted for cinnamon and nutmeg, no matter how it sounds).

Ms Milligan is not alone. A Facebook page has sprouted up endorsing a boycott, as has a petition.

The US public, it seems, agrees with Ms Milligan. According to aHuffPost/YouGov poll, 62% of Americans think stores should close on Thanksgiving "so workers can have the day off". In a UConn poll on Monday, 49% of respondents disapprove of stores being open on Thanksgiving (versus only 16% that approved).

Of course, there's the counter-argument that during economic hard times,Isabel Marant Boots bigger the paycheck for workers - particularly those in the retail sector - the better it is for them. And some stores will be offering perks andpaying their employees at a higher rate.

According to a Macy's official, almost all of its Thanksgiving Day shifts are being filled by volunteers.

Actually, there may be someone making a free-market defence for stores opening on Thanksgiving.

And there is. Here.

And here.

"In this free market you have a choice,Cheap Jordan Shoes to shop on Thursday or not," writes the Binary Blogger. "If you don't like it, don't shop. If you want to get the deals, then shop. As a country if Thursday November 28th is a make or break for family togetherness, in this world of instant communication, video chats, and we still have the old-style telephones,Adidas Soccer Cleats then we as a society need to work on that the other 364 days of the year."

Or we could spend them shopping.

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Sharkeisha: Girl Who Sucker Punched Her Way to Overnight Fame Re

Screenshot from the Sharkeisha fight video

&nbsp; A video showing a girl named Sharkeisha beating another girl has gone viral on the internet,Red Bottom Shoes racking up thousands of views. &nbsp; On Tuesday night around 10:30 EST, the video jumped from 12,000 to 20,000 &quot;favorites&quot; in a matter of minutes, which is when it was taken off Instagram. In the video, which has been now banned from Instagram,Isabel Marant Sneakers you can hear Sharkeisha's shocked friend yelling at her, &quot;Don't kick her, Sharkeisha!&quot; The video stayed on Instagram for nearly a full day, even though the site does not allow violence. Its terms of use state that users &quot;may not post violent, nude, partially nude,Isabel Marant Boots discriminatory, unlawful, infringing, hateful, pornographic or sexually suggestive photos or other content via the Service.&quot; A Twitter user called The Queen Sharkeisha purporting to be the villain of the video is reveling in her new-found notoriety. The user tweeted on 27th November: &nbsp; &ldquo;IM TRENDING IN AFRICA!!!! I DIDNT EVEN KNOW THEY HAD INTERNET THERE I FEEL FAMOUS&rdquo; &nbsp; On November 26, Queen Sharkeisha (formerly Sharkeisha Boss Ass) had some 400 followers.Isabel Marant Online By the evening of November 27 she had 25,000 and counting. However unconfirmed reports suggest that the assailant has now been arrested,Best Soccer Cleats after her video came to the attention of the authorities. The Queen Sharkeisha Twitter account tweeted several times about police closing in on her,Air Jordan knocking on her door and calling her house. On 28th November, her tweets included:&nbsp;&ldquo;wtf the police knocking on my door and s**t&rdquo; &nbsp;and &ldquo;OMG IM IN SOOOO MUCH TROUBLE&rdquo; World Star Hip Hop has the full video, click&nbsp;here&nbsp;to view it.

READ:&nbsp;Sharkeisha Fight Video: Violent Sucker Punch Turned Into Internet Memes [VIDEO]

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'Shakeisha' Arrested? [PHOTOS]

A brutal incident went viral on Instagram and Twitter Tuesday, with a girl called Sharkeisha punching another unsuspecting girl.&nbsp;&nbsp;Instagram

&quot;Sharkeisha&quot; became the No. 1&nbsp;trending topic&nbsp;on Twitter in the U.S. on Wednesday, after&nbsp;video of a young woman sucker-punching&nbsp;another woman in the middle of an argument went viral on Instagram and other social media sites.

And there may be a new twist in the case of the hard-fisted fighter,Red Bottom Shoes as unconfirmed reports alleging that the assailant has been arrested and supposed mugshots of the woman the world has come to know as &quot;Sharkeisha&quot; are swirling online.

There are not many concrete details about her possible arrest, but a number of&nbsp;Twitter&nbsp;users have uploaded photos of a woman who appears to resemble the one who instigated the one- sided fight in the popular video, and who has a name very similar to hers.

An iPhone screen-capture of one such mugshot,&nbsp;tweeted Wednesday morning&nbsp;by&nbsp;@desusnice, depicts a woman in a camoflauge-style shirt, and is tagged with the name &quot;Sharkiesha Tyeshia Thompson,&quot; which may or may not be the name of the puncher in the video. It is not clear what the woman in question has been arrested for, or even if she is the same person seen in the infamous fight video. Here's @desusnice's photo:

This mugshot, tweeted Wednesday morning by @desusnice, may or may not be of the puncher in the infamous &quot;Sharkeisha&quot; video.&nbsp;&nbsp;Twitter / @desusnice

Tagged &quot;Ya'll can rest easy knowing Sharkeisha is in custody,&quot; the photograph had been retweeted nearly 300 times by early Wednesday afternoon.

But if online criminal record sites are to believed,Red Bottoms For Men this is not the first time &quot;Sharkeisha&quot; has been arrested, as multiple record search databases have published a mugshot of a &quot;Sharkeisha Tyesha Thompson&quot; of Charlotte,Red Bottom Shoes for men N.C., who closely resembles the girl in the above photograph. The records database&nbsp;NorthCarolina.arrests.organd other sites report that the photo of a woman in a red V-neck shirt was taken on Aug. 13, 2011,Red Bottoms when Thompson was allegedly arrested on one charge of &quot;uttering a forged instrument&quot; and subsequently released on $500 bond. The sites describe Thompson as 20 years old, 5-foot-3 and weighing 190 pounds at the time of that previous alleged arrest, citing data collected by&nbsp;the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department&nbsp;in North Carolina. Here's the photo:

If online criminal record sites are to believed, this is allegedly not the first time &quot;Sharkeisha&quot; has been arrested, as multiple record search databases have posted this mugshot of a &quot;Sharkeisha Tyesha Thompson&quot; of Charlotte,Red Bottom Shoes For Men Online Store N.C.&nbsp;&nbsp;Mecklenburg County Office of the Sheriff

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